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Get Rid of Bunions Naturally With This Simple But Powerful Remedy

Bunions, resulting from salt deposits attributed to factors such as poor metabolism, uncomfortable footwear, gout, influenza, tonsillitis, rheumatic infections, and inadequate nutrition, significantly impact daily life. This is particularly frustrating as individuals suffering from bunions struggle to find suitable footwear, exacerbating the issue with an unattractive appearance.

Remedy Method

Mix a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves with 10 oz/300 ml of water, ideally before bedtime. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes, then store it in a thermos overnight. Strain the liquid in the morning, sipping it gradually throughout the day; avoid consuming it all at once. Repeat this process for three days, preparing a fresh concoction each evening, and then repeat the treatment after a week. Expect increased urination, indicating the dissolution of salt in the body irritating the bladder. After 10 days, noticeable improvements should occur, relieving joint pain and overall discomfort. Continue the bay leaf treatment for two months to witness the disappearance of bunions.

For an alternative remedy

Crush five large bay leaves and soak them in 100 ml of 96% alcohol for a week; strain the resulting mixture. Apply this remedy to bunions, followed by soaking your feet in warm water with one tablespoon of baking soda (3 liters of water). Dry your feet, apply the remedy, and wear cotton socks for enhanced effectiveness. The combination of iodine and aspirin proves beneficial for treating joint pain, bunions, and similar growths when applied together.

Another remedy involves using regular soap to alleviate inflammation and pain caused by bunions.

Shred some soap, apply the pieces to bunions, and gently massage the area. Rinse, dry your feet, and apply iodine. For optimal absorption, draw a “net” with iodine using a soaked cotton bud, crossing over vertical and horizontal lines a centimeter apart. Let it dry and wear cotton socks. Repeat for 30 days.

Additionally, a mixture of iodine and lemon juice, applied in the same ratio, proves effective in treating bunions and efficiently addressing “heel spur” concerns.

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